Plant Survey Form

Fill out this form to submit your rare plant survey. If you would prefer to print out, email, or fax your plant survey, you may download the form as a Word document. Email that form to or mail to: N.C. Natural Heritage Program; MSC 1651; Raleigh, NC 27699-1651.

We can no longer accept sketches/maps of areas online due to security concerns. Please follow the directions sent to you via email to submit your sketch/map in addition to completing this form.

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(include % or # in each stage: vegetative, bud, flower)
(N.C. N.H.P. natural community name and description, if known; include quality, soils, geology, etc.)
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(examples: inundated, dry, seasonally wet, etc)
(examples: open, woodland, closed canopy, etc)
(permits are required for federal or state listed species)
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