By gathering and sharing information about rare species and natural communities, North Carolina’s Natural Heritage Program ensures public access to information that is needed to weigh the ecological significance of natural areas and to evaluate potential ecological impacts of conservation and development projects.

The natural heritage inventory helps project planners and landowners make decisions that have the most benefit for society and the economy, while having the least ecological damage. Use our tools and research to learn about North Carolina’s rich natural heritage.

Data You Can Trust

Government, industry, the military, and conservation groups all trust NHP data to make important economic development, infrastructure investment, and land conservation decisions. Partnering with NHP can help ease your permitting process, maximize limited resources, and improve your project's speed.

NHP biologists are recognized for their decades of field experience and commitment to complete and accurate data, and our client-focused analysts respond to hundreds of large-scale and site-specific information requests annually. We are committed to providing timely, creative, highly-quality solutions to a wide variety of environmental and development planning needs. NHP is a leader in the environmental field. Our data systems are linked with powerful mapping tools - now accessible online 24/7.