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Get in touch with the researchers, biologists, and administrators charged with overseeing the natural areas of North Carolina.

The Natural Heritage Program compiles data, creates maps and distributes information about rare species, natural communities and conservation sites. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer information requests about rare species or specific sites.

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Our database houses information collected by Natural Heritage Program staff and a wide array of partners who conduct research and provide data. We rely on professional biologists and volunteers to contribute information that will keep our database accurate and up-to-date.

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Natural Heritage Program Staff

Name Title Email Phone Number
Misty Buchanan Director 919-707-8107
Jame Amoroso Conservation Information Specialist 919-707-8621
Rodney Butler Business Services Coordinator/Natural Heritage Data Explorer Support 919-707-8603
Laura Hamon Venus Flytrap Researcher 919-707-8650
Daniel Hannon Wildlife Data Manager 919-707-8631
Stephanie Horton Special Projects 919-707-8648
Wesley Knapp Western Regional Ecologist/Botanist 828-296-7230
ext. 228
Suzanne Mason Conservation Data Manager/NCDOT Project Specialist 919-707-8637
Scott Pohlman Nature Preserve Property Manager 919-707-8635
Judith Ratcliffe Zoologist 919-707-8628
Justin Robinson Special Projects Botanist  
Laura Gadd Robinson Botanist 919-707-8647
Linda Rudd Special Projects 919-707-8110
Michael Schafale Terrestrial Ecologist 919-707-8627
Nathan Shepard Eastern Regional Biologist 919-707-8629
Meredith Wojcik Natural Heritage Program Data Manager 919-707-8630