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A Commitment to Conservation

The Natural Heritage Program works with landowners, local, state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations to conserve the significant natural areas of the state, through short and long-term agreements, conservation planning and land management assistance.

Environmental Data for Public Use

The Natural Heritage Program conducts biological surveys to inventory the natural areas of our state and shares information with citizens, corporations, agencies, and non-profit organizations for conservation and development planning.

Benefitting Every North Carolinian

The N.C Natural Heritage Program plays a valuable role in the successful protection of some of our state’s most unique and special places.

Guided by Dedicated Leadership

The Natural Heritage Advisory Committee oversees the creation of Dedicated Nature Preserves and Registered Heritage Areas and the development of Natural Heritage Program policies.

How you can help

The North Carolina Natural Heritage Program welcomes assistance in conserving North Carolina’s natural areas and biological diversity.