Bobs Creek State Natural Area

A Diverse Natural Area

Rich natural communities characteristic of the South Mountains — Chestnut Oak and Montane Oak-Hickory Forests, Acidic Coves and Rich Coves, and Montane Cliffs and Low Elevation Rock Outcrops — are preserved here, where clear streams and seeps in mountainous watersheds flow to North Creek and Muddy Creek as well as Camp Branch and Baker Branch. The conservation area protects land and riparian corridors within both the Catawba and Broad River basins. These terrestrial and aquatic habitats are home to 14 species of rare plants and animals. 

The Work of Many Partners

A cooperative effort among diverse organizations and individuals contributes to this conservation success story.

  • NC Division of Parks and Recreation and Foothills Conservancy lead fundraising and acquisition.
  • Individual landowners sold parcels at bargain prices and donated land.
  • Private individuals and foundations, such as the Open Space Institute and The Conservation Fund, donated funds.
  • NC Land and Water Fund (formerly Clean Water Management Trust Fund) and Parks and Recreation Trust Fund provided key funding.
  • NC Natural Heritage Program conducted biological inventories of land as it was acquired and worked with NC Division of Parks and Recreation to permanently set aside land as the Bobs Creek State Natural Area Dedicated Nature Preserve.
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Bobs Creek State Natural Area contributes to a landscape network of nature preserves connecting the South Mountains to the Blue Ridge Escarpment, providing habitat and movement corridors for wide-ranging animal species and improving resilience of wildlife populations and habitats.