North Carolina Conservation Planning Tool

Our Mission

The North Carolina Conservation Planning Tool provides a valuable means for synthesizing and sharing the priorities of the state's conservation agencies and organizations with planners in government and the private sector to inform decisions and guide conservation efforts statewide.

The North Carolina Conservation Planning Tool (CPT) provides maps that integrate information from multiple sources. Four maps are provided:

  • Biodiversity and Wildlife Habitat
  • Open Space and Conservation Lands
  • Agricultural Lands
  • Forestry Lands

The data and maps included in the assessments can be used independently or in combination. By coordinating assessment data, various users can identify lands that provide multiple resource priorities.

This comprehensive planning tool is used by local and state governments, regional planning organizations, and non-profit organizations to inform decisions about conservation and other land use planning efforts in North Carolina. By showing a relative order of conservation significance, these data can assist with conservation funding decisions and support cost-effective investments.

A report provides more information about the data used in the development of the Conservation Planning Tool. Access to data and maps is available here.

For more information, please contact Meredith Wojcik, Wildlife Data Manager, at 919-707-8630 or